10 Years of Design Incubation’s Colloquium Presentations: A Journey Through the Keywords Defining the Past Decade

From the desk of the Director of Peer Review

Camila Afanador Llach
Associate Professor
Florida Atlantic University

Every year since 2014, Design Incubation has hosted public colloquia for communication design academics and practitioners to share and discuss their research and creative practice. The titles, abstracts, and keywords for these presentations are published and archived in the Design Incubation website. This archive contains a portion of the story of communication design research during the last decade mostly in the United States through the work of professors, adjunct faculty, grad students, and practitioners that have participated in the colloquia. Education, design pedagogies, collaboration, research, design theory, design history, and many other topics are part of this archive. Each abstract’s keywords provide an overview of the focus of each presentation. What can these keywords tell us about the field of communication design research in the past 10 years? Using text analysis tools, this presentation will give an overview on the most common research topics in the field year by year during the last decade.

This design research is presented at Design Incubation Colloquium 10.3: Tenth Anniversary, St. John’s University (Hybrid) on Friday, June 7, 2024.