Award Competition Entry

The aim of the awards program is to discover and draw attention to new creative work, design publication, teaching, and service in our broad and varied discipline. We hope to expand the design record, promote excellence and share knowledge within the field.

Promoting Excellence

Help us support fellow design educators and advance the discipline by sharing this announcement. Encourage your colleagues to help us find the most talented faculty in our field and to recognize their efforts through a peer-review process.


We ask mentors and colleagues to identify outstanding creative work, publication, teaching, and service is done by educators or graduate students in our field and to nominate these individuals for an award.

How the nomination process work

You are invited to nominate, via the online nomination form, a colleague’s creative work, published research, teaching, and service. Our short online nomination form will automatically notify your colleague that their project has been recommended for an award.

We will also contact the nominee to ensure they have received your recommendation and encourage them to submit their materials. All nominees are offered early submission to the awards allowing them to begin their entries immediately.


Nominations are not required to enter the competition. Simple use the entry form to join the awards competition.

Design Incubation Communcation Design Awards Competition Entry Form

Visit the online entry form deadline December 31, 2023 for the annual awards competition entry forms.