Geometries of the Sacred and Profane in Lewerentz’s St Peters

Nathan Matteson Assistant Professor DePaul University College of Computing and Digital Media School of Design As the world of visual communication redefines itself around the design of experiences, and as those experiences are increasingly immaterial and mediated by technology (e.g. AR/VR, social media, etc.), there is much to learn from trans-disciplinary explorations of past interventions … Continue reading “Geometries of the Sacred and Profane in Lewerentz’s St Peters”

A Modular Approach to Type Design : The Identification and Design of Particular Elements and Patterns

Leon Butler Research Fellow National University of Ireland, Galway All lettering uses modularity as the basis of form can be seen across different cultures such as the Roman order systems for construction numerical and Chinese types always adhering to a square grid structure. Johann Neudörffer the Elder the author of Fundament, [Becker, 2005], and credited … Continue reading “A Modular Approach to Type Design : The Identification and Design of Particular Elements and Patterns”

Empathic Typography

Michele Damato McCaffrey Assistant Professor Department of Design Syracuse University How are students going to become empathic designers when they live and learn in a guarded design institution for four years? Can we develop courses/projects that encourage them to interact with communities outside of their own? My work with students has shown they want to … Continue reading “Empathic Typography”

Transforming “Graduate Students” Into “Competent Designers”

Benson Cheung Associate Professor Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) Faculty of Design and Environment Recent reports published in Hong Kong highlight the lack of experienced and competent designers in Hong Kong (Heskett, 2003; The DesignSmart Research Project, 2008; Cheung, 2015). Two possible reasons behind this problem are insufficient training provided to … Continue reading “Transforming “Graduate Students” Into “Competent Designers””

Variant Letterforms

Monica Maccaux Assistant Professor Graphic Design University of Nevada, Reno When considering the multitudes of typeface choice on the market, how does one approach the challenge of designing a typeface that is different from the competition? With the abundance of typeface choices, why is there a need for yet another typeface to be designed? These … Continue reading “Variant Letterforms”

Guided Experiential Learning for Design Innovators

C.J. Yeh Professor, Assistant Chair Graphic Design Fashion Institute of Technology FIT is one of the pioneers in creative technology and design education. For this presentation, the founder of the Creative Technology program at FIT, C.J. Yeh, will introduce the most innovative design projects from FIT’s creative technology courses. FIT’s Creative Technology curriculum has strong … Continue reading “Guided Experiential Learning for Design Innovators”