Communication Design Educators Awards

Design Incubation Communication Design Educators Awards is a competition. We offer recognition in 4 academic categories in the field of Communication Design:

  • Scholarship: Published Research
  • Scholarship: Creative Works (design research, creative production, and/or professional practice)
  • Teaching
  • Service  (departmental, institutional, community)

The purpose of these awards is to showcase design excellence and ingenuity in the academic study of design.

Current deadline: May 31, 2017.


Eligible candidates must hold a teaching or research position (full-time faculty or teaching adjuncts) at an accredited college or university who offers education in communication design or related fields.

Individuals or teams may apply. Applicants may not receive more than one award in a given year, nor awards for two consecutive years within the same category.


Scholarship: Published Research The scholarship:published research award is for published journal articles, books, monographs, and proceedings that demonstrates originality, rigor, impact, scope. The topic must be related to communication design and contribute to communication design’s theoretical, critical, historical and/or visionary foundations.

Scholarship: Creative Works The scholarship: creative works award is for creative projects that demonstrate originality, rigor, impact, scope. This includes communication design research, creative production and/or professional practice, exhibitions, competitions and other communication design investigations. Contributions to communication design’s theoretical, critical, historical and/or visionary foundations are considered necessary for this award. All media are available for entry.

Teaching: The teaching award is for innovation in education, pedagogy, instruction, content delivery, and student learning outcomes. Visionary curricular development, outstanding instructional quality, novel teaching methods, successful assignments and projects, and impact on student and alumni success are germane to this distinction. Teaching is the facilitation of learning through various methods, inclusive of heuristics, apprenticeships, internships, mentoring and collaborating, whether in studios, lectures, labs, learning abroad or remotely, and in person or via distance learning technologies.

Service: The service award is intentionally expansive. Service to the discipline of design can involve many areas: from service-learning projects involving on or off-campus clients, to curating exhibits, to organizing conferences, to reviewing colleagues for tenure and promotion, to institutional leadership, to faculty governance, to professional consulting, to creating pro bono work, to producing design journalism in any medium – anything that serves the discipline of communication design within an educational environment in a positive way.

Awards Application Process