Big Data in Interactive Web Design

Vinoad Senguttuvan
Senior Data Scientist

Big Data/Data Science has had a significant impact on the web, influencing the way we price flights, recommend movies and predict elections. Web Design, especially interactive web design, can now use Big Data to validate specific design choices and thereby improve upon its effectiveness. This talk will address how data science can pinpoint various parts of a web design and fine-tune them to maximize performance.

While Data Science has been an immense help to Web Design the inverse is also true. The scope and size of Big Data has grown exponentially over the years, and various interactive web design
techniques are being created specifically to visualize Big Data and provide an interactive interface that is easy and intuitive to use.

This research was presented at the Design Incubation Colloquium 2.3: St. John’s University on Saturday, January 16, 2016.