Colloquium Abstract Submissions


Modes of Self-Publishing

Minkyoung Kim, Christina Webb Rhode Island School of Design MFA Candidates in Graphic Design Modes of Self-Publishing focuses on ‘zine’, not just as a circulation platform for printed matter, but as an experimental vehicle for visual or verbal content. Within this course, students explored the various potentials of self-publishing: cooperative assembly, collaboration, collective authorship, and … Continue reading “Modes of Self-Publishing”

Publishing Confidential

Aaris Sherin Associate Professor of Graphic Design St. John’s University The author of a number of books and articles, Sherin dives into the mysterious world of design research and publishing. She will give examples of what works and what doesn’t, while highlighting ways of making the writing process productive and enjoyable. List of Selected Books … Continue reading “Publishing Confidential”

Design for Dystopia

Amelia Marzec Adjunct Assistant Professor Queens College Hunter College Imagine a future where the American dollar is worthless. To re-build the economy, citizens must use the only resource available: decades of postconsumer waste. With no way to afford expensive international electronics, but with a deep human desire to connect, they sift through products that have … Continue reading “Design for Dystopia”


Peter Fine Assistant Professor of Graphic Design University of Wyoming A book project Fine is working on with the poet Carmen Gimenez Smith. Their collaborative dialogue addresses the personification of objects: the voice that their former and present lives come to form. The texts are informed by both fiction and non-fiction, and in this way, … Continue reading “dis_assemblage”

What’s ‘American’ about American Industrial Design?

Carma Gorman Associate Professor of Design History The University of Texas Austin Why does it makes sense to talk about industrial design—as distinct from the fine arts or even graphic design—from a national perspective. Gorman argues that design historians need to rethink the way they assign ‘nationality’ to products in order to more accurately capture … Continue reading “What’s ‘American’ about American Industrial Design?”


Stephen Eskilson Professor of Art History Eastern Illinois University Author of Graphic Design: A New History (Yale University Press) and editor of reviews for Design and Culture (Bloomsbury) talks about different publishing experiences including books, journal articles, book reviews as well as digital and self-publishing. This research was presented at the Design Incubation Colloquium 1.4: … Continue reading “PublishMe!”

Not Dead But Sleepeth: A Study of Gravestone Lettering

Doug Clouse Co-Founder and Principal of The Graphics Office Adjunct Professor at Purchase College and the Fashion Institute of Technology Doug Clouse will speak about his research on lettering on nineteenth-century American gravestones and memorials. His work focusses on lettering in the Midwest, with particular attention paid to gravestones in and around Wichita, Kansas and … Continue reading “Not Dead But Sleepeth: A Study of Gravestone Lettering”

History of Color In Comic Art: Technology, Aesthetics, and 64 Colors

Eli Neugeboren Assistant Professor Communication Design New York City College of Technology, CUNY Comic books are now considered high art and are included in museum collections around the world. They are given national awards, reviewed alongside literature and are printed on high quality paper. Their origins were not so lofty. Comic books were cheap. They … Continue reading “History of Color In Comic Art: Technology, Aesthetics, and 64 Colors”