Design Incubation Colloquium 9.2: Annual CAA Conference 2023 (Virtual)

Presentations and discussion in Research and Scholarship in Communication Design at the 111th Annual CAA Conference 2023


Design Incubation Writing Fellowship 2021

A three-day virtual workshop facilitating academic writing and publishing for designers.


The 2022 Design Incubation Communication Design Awards

2022 Design Incubation Educators Awards competition in 4 categories: Creative Work, Published Research, Teaching, Service

Design Events

Designing Your Research Agenda 2.1

Design scholars and researchers discuss various aspects of their research agendas

Recent Abstracts

Tangible Graphic Design 

Lee is committed to making the field of art and design more diverse and inclusive with people from diverse ethnic, cultural, social, and economic backgrounds.

Design After Capitalism: Transforming Design Today for an Equitable Tomorrow 

Looking at the field to transcend the logics, structures, and subjectivities of capitalism—to combine design entrepreneurship with social empowerment.

The Black Experience in Design: Identity, Expression, and Reflection 

An anthology centering a range of perspectives, spotlights teaching practices, research, stories, and conversations from a Black/African diasporic lens.

In the Round Series // Moving A Land Acknowledgment Statement Toward Action and Practice

This project communicates the vitality of acknowledging and learning about Native American cultures throughout the year.