Design Incubation Colloquium 10.2: Annual CAA Conference 2024 (Hybrid)

Presentations and discussion in Research and Scholarship in Communication Design at the 112th Annual CAA Conference 2024


Design Incubation Writing Fellowship 2021

A three-day virtual workshop facilitating academic writing and publishing for designers.


The 2023 Design Incubation Communication Design Educators Awards

2023 Design Incubation Educators Awards competition in 4 categories: Creative Work, Published Research, Teaching, Service

Design Events

Affiliated Society Business Meeting

Design Incubation’s 10th Anniversary (2014-2024), CAA 112th Annual Conference

Recent Abstracts

Artist Mark Addison Smith and You Look Like The Right Type: 15 Years at McMaster Gallery, within the School of Visual Art and Design, at the University of South Carolina.

You Look Like the Right Type

In a daily ritual since 2008, exact-dialogue fragments of overheard conversations are made into illustrated quotes

Making History: Teaching Design History Methods in Studio

Learning outcomes emphasized gathering information, examining sources, interpreting evidence, connecting design to social contexts, and crafting historical narratives in text and image

Co-Creating Compassion: Engaging the Alzheimer’s Community in Social Robotics for Caregiving

A robot for individuals grappling with Alzheimer’s disease that offers companionship, support, and aid in various caregiving tasks

Centered: People and Ideas Diversifying Design

Examples of sophisticated, intelligent design from many cultures around the world

Feminist Designer

A book that explores emerging feminist practices in design