Ned Drew Professor Department of Arts, Culture and Media Rutgers University Brenda McManus Assistant Professor Graphic Design Dyson College of Arts & Sciences Pace University This letterpress project encompasses the traditional printing method with a contemporary and modular printing system. Inspired by the minimalist children’s book design of artists such as Blexbolex, Bruno Munari and … Continue reading “Trianimals”

How Hard Is It To Navigate A Rectangle? Harder Than You Think

Neil Ward Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Drake University Wayfinding and signage are important pieces of a buildings structure and interior space, especially on college/university campuses. They provide a visual blueprint that informs students, administrators, faculty, and public visitors where they are and attempts to direct them to classrooms, galleries, labs, performance spaces, and offices. When … Continue reading “How Hard Is It To Navigate A Rectangle? Harder Than You Think”

Eat Your Vegetables: Sneaking in Conceptual Thinking During Technical Instruction

Suzanne Dell’Orto Adjunct Lecturer Fine & Performing Arts Baruch College, CUNY “Eat Your Vegetables: Sneaking in Conceptual Thinking during Technical Instruction” is an experiential progression of graphic design projects that helps to introduce and refine the technical skills essential to professional practice. More important, it overlays other 21st century skills, adding pedagogical depth to the … Continue reading “Eat Your Vegetables: Sneaking in Conceptual Thinking During Technical Instruction”

A Start-Up Simulator: Collaborative Design Studio

Efecem Kutuk Program Coordinator Industrial Design, University Lecturer Robert Busch School of Design Michael Graves College Kean University In recent years collaboration has become a fundamental of the design industry. In the start-up business environment, the corporate structure has been replaced by a passionate, skilled and capable 24/7 work force of risk-taking design entrepreneurs. Everyday … Continue reading “A Start-Up Simulator: Collaborative Design Studio”

Fashioning The Brand

Summer Doll-MyersGraphic DesignKutztown University Ann LemonAdvertisingKutztown University The good, the bad and the beautiful of fashion advertising. What does it mean to wear a label, a logo, a brand – across your chest or on your back pocket? Consumers, especially millennials, are becoming more invested in the brands they love by following, liking, and pinning … Continue reading “Fashioning The Brand”

A Selfish Communication

Brian Dougan Associate Professor of Architecture American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates From within the hasty pace of academic change, the absence of certain platitudinous expertise in design education together with an emphasis in nascent design technologies has resulted in an unavoidable deficit in terms of how students work. The contemporary attack is often … Continue reading “A Selfish Communication”

Thinking Through The Pencil: The Primacy Of Drawing In The Design Thinking Process

Pattie Belle Hastings Chair of Interactive Media + Design School of Communications Quinnipiac University The research and ideation phases of the Design Thinking process typically incorporate forms of drawing, which can include thumbnails, sketches, comprehensives, wire frames, mind maps, storyboards, paper prototypes, and collaborative methods. It is from this collection of visualized ideas that a … Continue reading “Thinking Through The Pencil: The Primacy Of Drawing In The Design Thinking Process”

Making Small Things: Robots, Cracks, and Hamburgers

Whether exploring meditations on a single theme, embracing new materials or studying the affects of repetition and reproduction, designer Chris St. Cyr’s work exploits both the familiar and the unknown.