Agents of Change:Inspiring the Next Generation of Art Directors

James Wojtowicz  Associate Director of Art Direction and Industry Development School of Advertising Academy of Art University San Francisco, California Many, if not most Art Directors did not plan on being Art Directors as a kid. There are lots of reasons why. Chances are they were tacitly, if not actively discouraged by parents and guidance counselors, from … Continue reading “Agents of Change:Inspiring the Next Generation of Art Directors”

Teaching Sea Changes

Andrea English Lecturer Department Of Design San José State University How can design education facilitate the relationship between the deepest passions of students and today’s urgent needs? How can design curricula teach students to creatively presence transformation, meaning, and compassion? The BA Senior capstone class at SJSU engages students at the creative intersection of their … Continue reading “Teaching Sea Changes”


Tina Korani Assistant Professor of Media Design School of Journalism and Mass Communications San Jose State University “Lines” is a project aiming to represent today’s society and the barriers that human beings are creating around themselves. This project explores human connections and separations, using the concept of dots and lines, in ways both literally and … Continue reading “Lines”

Portraits of Obama: Media, Fidelity, and the 44th President

Scholarship: Creative Work Award Winner Kareem Collie Lecturer Harvey Mudd Stanford University “In a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all kinds of arguments, some of which don’t always rank that high on the truth meter…information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather … Continue reading “Portraits of Obama: Media, Fidelity, and the 44th President”

Critical Making: Design and the Digital Humanities

Scholarship: Published Research Award Winner Jessica Barness Associate Professor, Kent State University Amy Papaelias Assistant Professor, SUNY New Paltz Our special issue of Visible Language journal, “Critical Making: Design and the Digital Humanities” (vol. 49, no. 3) locates where, how, and why critical making is emerging and the scholarly forms it takes. Visible Language journal … Continue reading “Critical Making: Design and the Digital Humanities”

The Sit&Tell Project

Service Award Winner Jenn Stucker Associate Professor Bowling Green State University The Sit&Tell Project was a multi-participatory community-based art project that connected communities through pulling up a chair and sharing stories of Strong Women of Toledo. The project collected 100 stories as told by Toledo citizens as storytellers on World Storytelling Day (WSD), March 20, … Continue reading “The Sit&Tell Project”

BMORE Than The Story

Teaching Award Winner Audra Buck-Coleman Associate Professor University of Maryland College Park The death of Freddie Gray and his treatment by police sparked anger, protest, and violence in Baltimore during April 2015. Mass media implicated area youth in the crime and destruction, whether they committed it or not. Their overriding narrative was pejorative and full … Continue reading “BMORE Than The Story”

Science Through Storybooks

Teaching Award Runner-up Martha Carothers Professor University of Delaware Students created visual storybooks to communicate scientific methods and principles about the ocean and aquatic life to children. The five storybooks teach the scientific findings of published research on tropical coral reef lionfish to children age three to seven. The concept of each individual storybook focuses … Continue reading “Science Through Storybooks”