Fellowship Program Format

Applications accepted: June 1, 2017 – September 1, 2017. Visit the Fellowship Application Process page for details on how to apply.

Design Incubation Fellows commit to working on a research project for six months. The Fellowship begins with a three-day workshop (see below) where participants learn about different modes of publishing and writing strategies. During the six months following the Workshop, Fellows pledge to continue to work on their projects during which time they receive feedback and group check-in’s.

The 2018 Design Incubation Fellowship Workshop will take place at St. John’s University’s Manhattan Campus, details and dates to be determined. All Fellows are required to participate in the Fellowship Workshop.

Ways to Apply

Applicants who wish to apply to the Design Incubation Fellowship may choose to pursue one of two tracks for engaging with original research projects.

Track 1: Reviews / Statement of Practice. This program allows participants who may not have a writing project in progress to take part in the fellowship and benefit from the experience of the workshop mentors and the group. These applicants will choose to work on an exhibition, book review or statement of practice with the goal of publishing finished work in an academic or trade journal. They will complete a draft of the review prior to arriving at the workshop but do not need to have a review started in order to apply for the Fellowship.

Track 2: Project in Process. In the second scenario participants bring a manuscript or draft of an article to the fellowship and receive feedback from workshop mentors and other attendees. These participants submit a draft of their writing as part of their application and receive feedback on their work during the Fellowship workshop.

Who can apply: Design Incubation Fellowships are open to academics in one or more of the following areas: graphic design, information design, branding, marketing, advertising, typography, web, interaction, film and video, animation, illustration, game design.

Design Incubation Fellowship Workshop

Workshops offer the opportunity for participants to share and develop ideas for research and individual writing projects while receiving constructive feedback from faculty mentors and peers in their field. Each meeting includes a number of short informational sessions and a session devoted to analyzing and editing written work. The remainder of the 3-day workshop will be focused on activities which allow participants’ to share their projects and receive structured feedback. Between sessions, Fellows will have time to execute revisions, review others participants work, and engage in discussions. Initiation of and work on collaborative projects is encouraged.

See more on the Fellowship Application Process page.