Fellowship FAQs

Who should apply to the Design Incubation Fellowship?

Design Incubation Fellowships are open to academics in one or more of the following areas: graphic design, information design, branding, marketing, advertising, typography, web, interaction, film and video, animation, illustration, game design. Full-time tenure track or tenured faculty are given preference but any academic may apply. Applicants who are tenure track or tenured faculty are given first priority but other faculty or independent researchers may apply.

When can I apply?

Applications open on September 1, 2020. The deadline is December 15, 2020.

When will I be notified if I have been accepted to the fellowship?

You will be notified in January 2021.

Does everyone who applies get accepted?

No. The Design Incubation Fellowship is competitive and generally has a 50 percent acceptance rate.

How many Fellows are there each year?

We accept between 11-15 Fellows per year.

What is the most common reason why applicants are not accepted?

The most common reason for an application not to be accepted is that it is incomplete or the applicant has not followed directions. A greater number of people also apply for the reviews track and we are not able to accommodate all applicants on this track.

Do all Fellows have to attend the Fellowship Workshop?

Yes. Attending the workshop is required.

Are participants provided with food and drinks during the Fellowship Workshop?

No. Fellows typically go out and get lunch in small groups and are welcome to bring coffee in the mornings. The workshop is held in the busy east village of Manhattan and there are numerous great places to eat within walking distance of the venue.

Is there any funding for fellows?

No. Unfortunately, Design Incubation is not able to provide any funding at this time. We are happy to provide documentation of acceptance so you can request funding from your own institution.

Why is there a fee to attend the Fellowship Workshop?

Participant fees go to offset costs associated with producing the workshop. Fees are assessed yearly and may be adjusted as costs increase.

How are applicants judged?

The leadership team at Design Incubation reviews all applicants. Preference is given to applicants whose narrative of intent makes a strong case for the inclusion of writing in their scholarship and/or to applicants who already have a manuscript of project in process. We also strive for a balance between applicants working on reviews, articles and books.

Is one track more competitive than the others?

Yes. We receive the most applicants for the reviews track and we have limited space so it is more competitive than the article or book track.

If I don’t get accepted one year can I apply again?

Yes, absolutely! We welcome second-year submissions.

What if I have a project that doesn’t fit into the categories outlined on the application page?

Most Fellowship participants work on reviews, books or articles however occasionally other writing projects are accepted. If you are interested in applying with a project other than a review, article or book please contact the Director of Fellowships.

I am working on an article/book but don’t have enough completed to fulfill the requirements listed on the application page. Can I still apply for the Fellowship?

Yes, in some instances fellows are accepted on a contingency basis. In these instances, it is best to contact the Director of Fellowships to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Do accepted Fellows have to do any work prior to coming to the Fellowship Workshop?

Yes. Fellows accepted to the reviews group will have to write their review of a book or exhibition and read the reviews written by other members of their group. Fellows in the articles or book groups will need to read the work of the other members of their group before arriving at the workshop.