Fellowship Application Process

This year, the Design Incubation Fellowship Program will run from June 3–June 5, 2021.

Applications will be accepted from September 1, 2020–December 15, 2020.

Design Incubation Fellows commit to working on a writing project with help from facilitators in one of the following three areas: Reviews, Articles, or Books. In addition to working on a project independently, the Fellowship includes a three-day intensive workshop where participants learn about different modes of publishing, writing strategies and are introduced to editors.

Design Incubation is currently seeking applicants for the June 2021 Fellowship and Workshop Session. Applications can be submitted beginning on September 1, 2020. The application deadline is December 15, 2020.

There is no fee to apply for the Design Incubation Fellowship however all Fellows must participate in the Design Incubation Fellowship Workshop and there is a $300 fee for the 3-day workshop. A formal letter of acceptance will be provided so attendees can apply for funds from their home institutions and pay the workshop fee to reserve their place.

The 2021 Design Incubation Fellowship Workshop will be virtual and synchronistic. It will take place on June 3, 4, and 5th. All Fellows are required to participate in the Fellowship.

To Apply

All applicants are required to provide a brief 200-word biography, a CV and a narrative explaining how writing fits into the trajectory of their research and scholarship. Applicants will then choose one of three tracks listed below. Each track has its own application requirements. Submit applications using our convenient online form.

Application Tracks
Track 1: Book Review or Exhibition Review.

This program allows applicants who do not have a project in process to take part in the fellowship and benefit from the experience of the workshop mentors and the group. Once accepted, participants will choose an exhibition or book to review. The goal of this track is to publish finalized reviews in an academic or trade journal. Participants on this track will complete a draft of their review prior to arriving at the workshop but do not need to have a review started in order to apply for the Fellowship.

To apply, complete the online Book Review or Exhibition Review form.

Track 2: Articles.

Applicants for this track should submit a draft of their manuscript and a list of several possible venues for publication along with other application materials. During the Fellowship Workshop participants in this track will receive feedback from workshop mentors and other attendees.

To apply, complete the online Articles form.

Track 3: Book Authoring.

Applicants for this track should submit a proposal (download the book proposal here)  for their project and a writing sample. Alternatively, they may submit draft of their manuscript along with other application materials. Applicants who apply with a complete manuscript of their book project may choose not to submit a proposal. During the Fellowship Workshop participants in the book group will receive feedback from workshop mentors and other attendees and will learn about the various steps needed to complete a book project.

To apply, complete the online Book Authoring forms.

Fellowship FAQ’s